Professional Grant Writing & US Grant Registration


Our Professional Grant Writing & Registration service is designed for your success. A complimentary phone or web meeting consultation is required to ensure that we understand exactly what it is you want to propose. Each grant is customized for our client. We will provide a PDF of the grant even if your funder requires online submission. We provide writing services for all three grant writing types;

  • LOI (Letter of Inquiry – These are letters used to create interest in your proposal. An LOI is sent to a potential funder & allows both parties to collectively decide if your idea is a good fit and of interest. (No more than 3 pages not less than 2 pages)
  • Letter Proposal – Many corporations & modern funders are now requesting the Letter Proposal vs the Full Proposal because they simply want to save time in processing Grant applications. (No more than 4 pages not less than 3 pages)
  • Full Proposal – This is the traditional long format Grant. This is the document that most people are thinking about when they need Grant writing services. (Including Cover letter, no more than 25 pages not less than 5 pages)

We also register you into the US system for Grant Award Management allowing you to apply directly to the US for grant awards! This includes an international bank account number for simple transfer of US funds.

Grant Type

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