US Aid Grant Registration Services

Registration as Foreign Organization into the USA Grant Management System.


Our US services division will register your company into the US grant management system giving you access to apply for all US grant programs not only US aid Kenya. Being registered also gives you corporate credit history in the United States. Receiving a grant is not easy. If you are not ready to work with us in developing the strategy needed to write your grant & you’re not ready to build the community support that you need to build capacity then this is not for you.

Included in this are;

  • US Grant Management System registration
  • Nato Registration
  • DUNS Registration
  • US Grant Search Database Registration
  • US Notarized Letter mailing requirement

Requirements to qualify;

  • You must have a company registered with your country. We will need a scanned copy of your certificate & KRA Company PIN certificate.
  • You must have a company bank account. This is the account the US will use if you win any Grant Awards.
  • You must have an address (not only PO box) associated with your company. You may ALSO have a PO Box IN ADDITION TO a physical address.
  • (Optional) Social Media Accounts speed up the registration process.
  • (Optional) A website speeds up the registration process.

Winning a grant is hard work and you will get out of this process exactly what you put into this process. According to the “2020 State of Grantseeking Report” grant seekers who only applied for one grant in a 12 month period had a 66% chance of winning an award. Grant seekers who applied to an average of four grants in a 12 month period had a 94% chance of winning an award, and seekers who applied to an average of 8 grants in a 12 month period had a 97% chance of winning at least one award.

If you’re ready to work hard for your dreams then we’re ready to support you!

Company Type

For-Profit, Non-Profit (CBO, Charitable NGO)